Giving Made Easy


If you’re like me, you have lots of moments through out your day where you’ll say, “I really need to do that this year.”… Now this can apply to anything: getting in shape, saving money, connecting to your faith, being charitable, etc. I know personally, whenever I come across something that I know will be […]

Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

Adopt a Family Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving holiday has long been a tradition of spending time with our families, eating too much, watching football games and taking afternoon naps. And although I cherish this time spent with my family over a delicious meal; I wonder what happened to the Giving part of Thanksgiving? This year, I am making it my […]

8 Week Fitness Challenge Winner

before and after fitness challenge

9 weeks ago 40 brave participants, full of great intentions and expectations embarked on my 8-week Shock & Awe fitness challenge. This 8-week fitness program promised to deliver the participants who followed my guidelines results that were Shocking and Awe-inspiring; hence the name. Every year I run about 3 fitness challenges and I limit it […]

59 Reasons To Exercise

reasons to exercise

Have you ever ditched your workout because you couldn’t think of enough good reasons to get off the couch? If this has happened to you, I know exactly how you feel.  There have been many times were I would have rather been lazy, sleep in or eat junk food instead.  In fact, these thoughts probably […]